Resources to help patients start and stay on GEMTESA

GEMTESA Simple Savings Program

Commercially insured patients could pay as little as $10 for GEMTESA with the Simple Savings Program*. There are 2 ways eligible patients can sign up for this savings program.

Laptop icon. Patients can visit GEMTESA®'s website to apply for the Simple Savings Program.


Patients can select “I need a card”, complete an enrollment form, and, if eligible, bring their printed savings card to the pharmacy for their GEMTESA prescription. Visit the patient website for program details.

View program

Text message icon. Patients can text "GEMTESA" to 436872 to apply for enrollment into the Simple Savings Program.

Text “GEMTESA” to 436872

If eligible, your patient's savings card information will be texted to their phone.

*Restrictions and maximum savings limits apply. Coverage and out-of-pocket costs may vary. Offer not valid for patients participating in Medicare, Medicaid, or other government healthcare programs. See full Program Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility Criteria.

Message and data rates may apply. Up to 15 messages per month after initial sign-up communications. Text STOP to unsubscribe at any time.

Patient holding out their savings card.
Calculator Icon. Patients can use the GEMTESA® Patient Co-Pay Estimator to see how much they may pay for the medication.

GEMTESA Patient Co-pay Estimator

Patients can see how much they may pay for GEMTESA through an online cost calculator. We’ll check their insurance for estimated costs and available savings.

You can direct patients to to check their estimated cost and savings for GEMTESA.

Estimate costs

Help patients learn more about GEMTESA and manage their symptoms

GEMTESA® Patient Brochure. Patients can learn about OAB and how GEMTESA® may help.
GEMTESA Patient Brochure

Patients can learn about OAB, prevalence, lifestyle tips, and how GEMTESA may help reduce the symptoms of OAB with this brochure.


GEMTESA® Get Set Tracker. Patients are provided with lifestyle tips to help manage OAB and how to track progress with GEMTESA®.
GEMTESA Get Set Tracker

This symptom tracker for patients provides lifestyle tips to help manage OAB along with worksheets to identify personal and treatment goals and track progress with GEMTESA.