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Our resource library covers a variety of topics including access, prior authorizations, and patient education

Cigna and Express Scripts Medicare Flashcard.

Cigna and Express Scripts Medicare® Flashcard

Find out about GEMTESA Part D coverage at ESI/Cigna for 2022.

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GEMTESA Get Set Tracker.

GEMTESA Get Set Tracker

Patients can explore lifestyle tips to help manage OAB, worksheets to identify personal and treatment goals, and track progress with GEMTESA.

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GEMTESA Patient Brochure.

GEMTESA Patient Brochure

Patients can learn about OAB, prevalence, lifestyle tips, and how GEMTESA may help reduce the symptoms of OAB.

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GEMTESA Prior Authorization Checklist.

GEMTESA Prior Authorization Checklist

Prepare for prior authorizations with this checklist and find out more about access resources from Patient Connect Support.

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Low-income Subsidy Information.

Low-income Subsidy Information

Get the facts on the Medicare Extra Help Program for people with limited income/resources.

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Pharmacy-initiated Prior Authorization Requests Information.

Pharmacy-initiated Prior Authorization Requests Information

Find additional details about completing a pharmacy-initiated prior authorization request.

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Prior Authorizations and Medical Exceptions Information.

Prior Authorizations and Medical Exceptions Information

See insights and support when additional steps are needed to obtain GEMTESA.

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TRICARE Formulary Card.

TRICARE® Formulary Card

Explore the position of GEMTESA on the TRICARE Uniform formulary and learn about the requirements for beneficiaries.

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