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Time to go. Don't let OAB make your next trip TBD.

For those living with OAB, travel can be daunting. Whether it’s worrying about bladder leaks or mapping out the nearest rest stop, OAB can distract from getting away. That's why prescription GEMTESA for treating OAB has partnered with Speax by Thinx. Together they give you more options for managing OAB and may help put fewer restroom stops on your travel itinerary.

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Say goodbye to bunchy, sticky
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Keep you dry

Ultra-thin, anti-odor technology
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Fit into your lifestyle

Wear, wash, and wear again—just
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Styles range from a full-coverage, Hi-Waist to a barely there Thong (yup, they have a thong!).
Find your favorite and feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

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GEMTESA may help you spend less time at the rest stop

GEMTESA has proven to be effective in treating 3 key symptoms of OAB—leakage episodes, urgency, and frequency—in just 12 weeks.

In a clinical study vs placebo (sugar pill)

The most common side effects of GEMTESA were headache, urinary tract infection, nasal congestion, sore throat or runny nose, diarrhea, nausea, and upper respiratory tract infection

GEMTESA had no significant impact on blood pressure. People taking GEMTESA and those taking placebo had similar rates of hypertension (1.7 vs 1.7, respectively) and increased blood pressure (0.7 vs 0.9, respectively)

Less than 2% of people in the pivotal trial stopped taking GEMTESA because of side effects

Talk with your provider to see if GEMTESA could be right for you

Learn more about GEMTESA

403 people received GEMTESA and 405 people received placebo when measuring daily leakage episodes. 526 people received GEMTESA and 520 people received placebo when measuring bathroom visits per day.

Time to see your provider about OAB symptoms?

Here are some questions to talk over with your provider

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