OAB Self-Assessment Tool

It’s time to find out if that feeling is real—that you may have overactive bladder (OAB). But how do you find out? Start out by using this self-assessment tool to determine what you are feeling. Then, show these results to your OAB treatment provider to see if GEMTESA is right for you.

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1. How many times do you urinate during the day? (Frequency)

Gem of truth

Clinical study results: people taking GEMTESA had fewer bathroom visits per day than people taking placebo.

Treatment Discussion Questions

Wondering if GEMTESA might be right for you? Here are some questions to talk over with your OAB treatment provider:

Medication icon.

Will GEMTESA work well with other medications?

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How is this treatment the same as or different from other treatments for OAB?

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Is GEMTESA clinically proven to reduce urgency?

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How often do I need to take this medication?

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What side effects can I expect?

Time to see an OAB treatment provider?

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Overactive bladder patient connecting with an OAB treatment provider.